Care at Every Step


Our history

Lazarus Health Center began its journey with a deep desire to create a unique space for caring for beauty and well-being. Our history is filled with dedication to quality services and the desire to make hair removal procedures not just an obligatory stage of care, but a real beauty ritual.

Our advantages

1. Professionalism and Expertise
Our technicians are highly trained hair removal professionals ready to provide you with the best solutions to achieve smooth skin.
2. Personalized Approach
We understand that every skin is unique. Our treatments are tailored to your specific needs and individual wishes for maximum satisfaction.
3. Advanced Technologies
Lazarus Health Center introduces advanced technologies in the field of hair removal, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of procedures.
4. Comfortable Environment
We have created a relaxing atmosphere where every client can feel comfortable and cozy.
5. Effective Solutions
Our treatments are designed not only to provide immediate results, but also to create long-term effects, providing your skin with long-lasting smoothness.
6. Individual Care
Lazarus Health Center not only performs the treatments, but also provides you with recommendations and tips for caring for your skin after hair removal to maintain long-lasting results.

Our Team

At the Lazarus Health Center team, we pride ourselves on our diversity of talent, professionalism, and warm treatment of each client. Here are a few members of our amazing team

Anna Muller
Anna brings to the team not only professionalism in customer service, but also a sincere concern for your comfort. Her goal is to make every visit to Lazarus Health Center enjoyable and unforgettable.
Sofia Baumann
Sofia is responsible for introducing advanced technologies into hair removal procedures. Her passion for innovation and creative thinking ensures the highest level of service.
Caroline Franz
Carolina cares not only about the procedures, but also about the overall well-being of her clients' skin after hair removal. She provides personalized guidance and advice to maintain long-term results.


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